Strategic Online Marketing Tip - Set Those Goals

I was reading a few posts at the Warrior Forum the other day and ran into three about setting goals. The comments were about how companies and individuals who set and wrote goals had a far greater chance of achieving those goals and becoming successful than those who didn't. Goals can be tricky - but they aren't rocket science. Start small . . .think big . . . get started. Take out a piece of paper and pen and start thinking about what you want to accomplish and by when. The only real limitation you face is your unwillingness or inability to take ACTION. It all comes back to ACTION. If you can read, write and have desire then you can accomplish whatever you want! It may take you a bit more time than someone else or you may do it faster than others. But you aren't competing against others. You are your own competition. Do NOT hesitate. Take this small challenge. Use a notebook by your computer or in a position you will see daily and write down two goals you want to accomplish by the end of the month. Now write down two tasks that will get you closer to your goal that you can finalize by the end of the week. Finish them by Friday. Write two more for next week and finish those by the following Friday.