Strategic Internet Marketing - The Power of Massive Action

There is one major difference between a successful internet marketer, and someone playing at making a living online. Every successful marketer has a strategic internet marketing plan, and takes MASSIVE ACTION. It is time to dispel one of the biggest myths in Internet marketing. It is not about persona and luck. Most people believe some people are just extremely lucky, and that is why they are earning over $10,000 per month in internet marketing. The truth, when you peel away all the pretty trimmings around their work, you'll find they simply worked harder, and took more action than every one of their competitors. If you want to succeed in Internet marketing, you must drill into your mind the fact it is a numbers game. You need to produce more content, more backlinks, and forge more relationships in order to succeed. It is all about doing the basics great! Let's explore of few of the areas where you need to focus, and to take massive action. Market Research - This is one area you need to focus on, but not get stuck in. Use your favorite tool to do keyword research and find phrases with decent traffic, and reasonably low amounts of competition. You can use Google's External Keyword Tool, Market Samurai, Wordtracker, or a number of other tools. You just need to do the research, but do it quickly. Make your list and move on. Content Creation - Once you know your keywords, it is time to start on your massive action. Start producing content as quickly as you can. Depending on your schedule, and whether you're still working another job, this may be 1 piece of content per day, or 10 pieces of content per day. You just need to be aware, the more content you produce, the faster your success will happen. Part of choosing a strategic internet marketing plan is going to include how you use your content, and the types of content needed. Content Promotion - When referring to content, it could be a website, a blog, an article, or even a video. No matter what type of content your strategy calls for, you must promote the content to attract both visitors, and the search engines. This is another massive action item. For every piece of content you create, you need to social bookmark it on at least some Social Bookmarking sites. You need to also promote your site by making backlinks to your content. You can do this through blog comments, forum posts, or even on Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The place many new internet marketers fail is in believing they can produce a few pages, and be done. The magic should just start. You'll discover this is where the truly successful marketers step away from the crowd. They produce high volumes of content, and leave their competitors in the dust. Successful marketers master the basics. When you grasp this simple fundamental truth about strategic Internet marketing, your business will begin to soar. You won't be stuck wondering what to do next, you'll work with simple, basic strategies. You'll just be busy taking massive action, and watching as the profits start to roll in.