The Contribution of Marketing to the Product Strategy

Marketing is often equated with the sale. Sure, marketing is the marketing and sales are sales. A sale is part of the marketing tactics dimension. There are three strategic internet marketing tips that are familiar to achieve success in online marketing. Firstly, the market analysis is required at all stages of product planning for the idea of providing information in accordance with the needs and wants of the consumers. Knowledge, experience, and market research methods could be the very basic things in the development of strategic internet marketing. Consumer information is needed to locate and describe the needs and desires that have not been met, evaluate the product during development, introduction, and monitoring the performance of existing products. The Second was related to the product specifications. Gradually, expect top management to identify the other management features and product performance. This demands explanation of the information that the consumer wants and needs into product specifications based on total quality management. Adaptation is also needed and must be shown to the consumers that the product capability is very crucial in designing and implementing the product strategy. The third is to decide the market target and positioning strategy. Management strategy and marketing for decide the best target and the sale of your product. Because the choice of specification and product positioning is closely related, it is necessary to consider the products position in the early stages of marketing planning process. We can conclude that strategic internet marketing as one of the important decisions within the scope of marketing. So, it would be available and appropriate with the absorption of the marketing product strategy. Strategic internet marketing contributes to the product strategy in terms of product life cycle, product specification, targeting and marketing the product.