Online Marketing Strategic Edge - When Speed Sells

So you've spent all your time with your Internet marketing strategy building up your website, painstakingly working on SEO, and providing real value to the millions of potential customers on the Internet. What if I told you that you're missing out on the best online marketing strategy to maximize your profits? It's real simple, in today's world speed sells. Customers do not have time to wait on slow websites, they want the information or product they are looking for as fast as possible. With so many factors involved behind the scenes when a visitor loads your website it only makes sense to make sure your site comes appears as quickly as possible. The fact is people won't wait for a slow website to load, they'll just move on to one of your competitors. You've probably even done this yourself before. If you are searching for information on a subject how long would you be willing to wait for a site to load before you'd just hit the back button and choose the next on the list? The first thing you should do to determine exactly how your website ranks for speed is by taking a website speed test. This test is specifically designed to test the load time of your website for different parts of the world. Your customers are worldwide, so naturally it would make sense to know what kind of experience you are giving them. A website speed test can really put things in perspective when it comes to how long a lot of your customers are waiting for your site to load. Think about it, the greatest potential the Internet has is to reach literally billions of people around the globe. Whatever your ultimate goal is you are doing yourself a disservice if the vast majority of your potential customers have a slow experience. Knowing what we know about the likelihood of new visitors waiting around on your server you need to start looking for a solution. Luckily there is a website optimization program that will work without you changing one thing to your website. Basically it works is by decreasing the size of the data transfer between your server, where your website is hosted, to your visitors' browser - reducing the amount of data transferred between these two points increases the page load time or your website making it faster. Let's continue to offer the high level of quality your website offers without compromising speed. Have you done that math yet? You're losing business everyday your website is not optimized for top speed. Running a website speed test after you have installed a website optimization program, you will quickly realize that speed plays just as major a role as any aspect of your online marketing strategy.