Strategic Online Marketing Tip - Be Yourself!

Do you know who you are?

Seems like an obvious question but one that stumps most new marketers.

One of the cardinal rules of email marketing, blog posting or just communicating is that you insert your particular "voice" or personality into everything you write. You become someone others either identify with, hate or love.

But, if you don't know who you are then it's difficult not to change that voice from day to day or email campaign to email campaign.

It's one of the perils of using content written by ghost writers. Most of the good stuff is written from the third person to allow the end user to insert their own brand or personality. But some of it is written in the first person (I and me) making it very difficult to change. AND if you aren't sure who you are in the first place it becomes quite a challenge.

It's not difficult to 'discover' your personality - after all you've been living with yourself for quite some time! But it might be a challenge to communicate your effervescent personality through the written word. One way to over come this challenge is to choose a particular characteristic that is a large part of your personality. You are charming, funny, harsh, hard, or sweet - but you aren't dry and lifeless.

Pick that characteristic and be sure it's part of everything you write. Infuse your communication with all that is you. Think of the 'Rick Jerk' who is known far and wide as a jerk. I've heard he's rather nice in person - but it's the personality that has served him well online.

TIP: Before barreling down the marketing road be sure you've identified WHO you want to be and how you want to communicate your thoughts - because if you aren't sure - neither will your readers.

2nd TIP: Read other bloggers, emails, sales pages and see how marketers have communicated their personalities - it will help you decipher how to communicate yours.