The Power of Strategic Internet Marketing

Strategic internet marketing is less expensive and has broader impact than conventional marketing. The 24-hour-a-day, world-wide exposure and low cost of internet marketing has many businesses fighting to get their fingers into the strategic internet marketing pie. From purchasing banner ads to pay-per-click advertising to all of the various methods of building and exploiting massive lists of email addresses, everyone is chomping at the bit to get in on the action. And why wouldn't they be? It's cheaper and it gets more exposure than traditional marketing, so what is not to love? Well, the biggest problem is the learning curve. There are a googolplex of rules, concepts, and issues to master before you can really succeed at internet marketing. The number of reports, programs, agencies, and offers that claim to be able to get you start turning a profit tomorrow are incredible, and they all have the same problems: they take a long, long time to get started or they want a huge initial investment -- which goes to them, of course. Forum marketing, search engine optimization, article marketing, answers marketing, classified advertising, banner ads...the methods of driving traffic to your site are as numerous as they are arcane. And once the customer gets to your site, you'd better have perfect sales copy, an autoresponder, the necessary 'authority' pages in the background, an affiliate program, some JV partners, bonuses, guarantees, and the almighty P.S. And once they've become your customer, how do you take advantage of their business? Perhaps the best way to implement all of this without overloading your brain and exploding your daily life is to start with a solid business plan. Unlike many of the other offers out there, solid business plans that don't evaporate your funds and actually work are out there. A really good one will explain the 5 W's to you and point you toward the other specific resources you need to do each job well. If you're getting started in the world of strategic internet marketing, I'd suggest this free resource as the best jumping-off point you could choose to hang your hat on. Good luck!