Einstein's Internet Marketing Strategy: How Would Albert Einstein Market Himself Online?

What if Albert Einstein were alive today and wanted to market himself online? What would his internet marketing strategy entail? Well, first of all, I'm guessing he would create a website called 'Ultimate Physics Blog', or something like that, where he would post his articles. Of course, he would need to do SEO to get free traffic, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to get paid traffic and he would certainly have an opt-in form giving away a freebie in order to build his email list. For those of you who are not familiar with internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website's ranking in search engine search results and it is one of the most important parts of website development and internet marketing. So much so that if Albert Einstein lived in our times and blogged about the theory of relativity without doing any SEO, no one would read him! How does it work? Search engines want to give their users search results that are relevant to the keyword they are searching for. In order to do that, they send out 'spiders' all over the internet to scan websites and webpages for keywords. And if they find a webpage highly relevant to a keyword, they give it a high rank in the keyword's search results page. In order to assess whether a webpage is relevant to a keyword, spiders look for the keyword in specific places on the web page: The page's title, headings and content (preferably in bold). So, in order to get traffic to your website, you need to find a popular keyword - a keyword that a lot of people search for - and try to rank high by optimizing your webpage for that keyword, that is, have it in those specific places for the spiders to read. So, how would Einstein do his SEO? Well, first of all he would have to find a popular keyword to optimize for. And since no one would Google "general relativity" or "gravitational phenomena", I 'm guessing he would go for something like "anti ageing" and write an article as follows: Page Title: Anti Ageing | Ultimate Physics Blog Heading 1: Anti Ageing Heading 2: The Ultimate Anti Ageing Solution: How To Slow Down Time Paragraph One: Discover the new anti ageing solution: Travel at the speed of light, slow down time, and look 50 years younger than everyone else around you. Oh, yes, I like it. What about his opt-in form? An opt-in form is where the website's visitor is prompted to give their email address and subscribe to the website's email list, in exchange for a valuable freebie. So, I'm guessing Einstein's opt-in form would say "Sign Up Now and Get FREE Instant Access To The eBook 'SpaceTime: What It Is And How It Can Make You Look Younger - FAST'". And how about his Manhattan Project posts category? Well, he could easily go for the keyword 'how to make a bomb', but he would most probably have trouble advertising with Google. I bet he would get the usual: "Dear AdWords Advertiser, we have reviewed your account and found that one or more of your keywords has been disapproved for violating AdWords Policy..." Oh, yes, this little email would land in his inbox faster than the speed of light.